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NSW MP fined after staying at holiday home

NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin has been fined $ 1000 after he was found staying at his Central Coast holiday home and breaching coronavirus restrictions. The coalition frontbencher was spotted on Wednesday afternoon at his million-dollar Pearl Beach house which is more than an hour’s drive from his east Sydney primary residence. NSW Police said… Read More »

Staying Healthy This Summer: 6 Things You Should Remember

Every year, many Australians fall victim to hot weather and heatwaves. Not taking the heat seriously can easily lead to heat-related illnesses. Hot weather can be dangerous for anyone, especially for young children, the elderly, and people with medical conditions. Preparing your household for the coming heatwaves is critical to staying healthy and safe this… Read More »

Staying Healthy With Type 2 Diabetes

You might have heard that type 2 diabetes is the “better” form of diabetes to have (compared with type 1), but that’s not exactly right. While some people with type 2 can control the condition with oral medication and simple lifestyle tweaks, others need stronger treatment. What’s more, the long-term consequences of having type 2… Read More »