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How to treat chlamydia in pregnancy

More in Pubmed Citation Related Articles. Last reviewed: November A randomized trial that compared oral cefixime and intramuscular ceftriaxone for the treatment of gonorrhea in pregnancy. Because of concerns about chlamydia persistence following exposure to penicillin-class antibiotics that has been demonstrated in animal and in vitro studies, amoxicillin is now considered an alternative therapy for… Read More »

How the gas that gave the world Viagra could help treat coronavirus patients

A Cataldo EMS team transports a suspected Covid-19 patient from Chelsea to Massachusetts General Hospital on April 23, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts United States. David Degner | Getty Images Medical researchers are testing whether inhaled nitric oxide could help treat patients with the coronavirus. A range of studies and clinical trials underway at Massachusetts General… Read More »

Can yoga treat pcos

Do you have any thoughts on this yoga do you do the opposite, i. Avoid treat a heavy meal right before class. Which is best and effective. Yoga with pcos to PCOS May Reply Great post. Side Effects and Dangers of looking at the ketogenic diet during processing, resulting in a diet and exercise for… Read More »

‘Executioner cell’ find may help to treat the causes of blindness

Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have identified a so-called “executioner cell” that may hold the key to eventually finding a treatment to slow retinal degeneration that causes blindness in millions of people each year. A multi-disciplinary team involving experts from TCD believe they have pinpointed a potential new therapeutic target for treating retinal degeneration. It… Read More »

Optical imaging technology may help surgeons better treat cancer, brain diseases

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A new tool for medical professionals may help shed more light on tumors in the body and how the brain operates. Purdue University researchers created technology that uses optical imaging to better help surgeons map out tumors in the body and help them understand how certain diseases affect activity in the brain.… Read More »

How to treat acid reflux naturally

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. PPIs block acid production by the stomach the same way that H2 blockers do. If you are using H2 blockers, follow manufacturer’s instructions. A much better approach is to zero in on the how to treat acid reflux naturally cause of your acid reflux and… Read More »

How to treat arthritis in dogs

VETERINARY MANAGEMENT AND TREATMENT OF OSTEOARTHRITIS IN DOGS There are a number of ways of controlling the signs of osteoarthritis in dogs, as unfortunately there is no cure, and it’s more a case of managing the problem. This develops when organisms enter a joint and multiply, causing pain and swelling of the joint. In cases… Read More »