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Instagram’s Favorite New Fashion Trend Is Belting a Pillow to Yourself, LOL

Staying home is necessary right now, and everything’s fine, why do you ask? Is it maybe because Instagram’s favorite new fashion trend right now involves people belting a huge pillow to their bodies? Did you imagine a world ever in which that last sentence existed? In case you can’t picture it, here’s exactly what I… Read More »

Obesity Trend In Children Is A Result Of Unhealthy Habits

Study results suggest that the obesity trend in children is a result of unhealthy habits and not genetics.[1] Scientific evidence has revealed that a leptin deficiency, a genetic mutation in the hormone which controls hunger, could cause a person to overeat. Genetic screening could be considered for the exceptionally overweight child, but for the remainder,… Read More »

Promise of ‘Fairer’ Vaginas Popularises Vaginal Bleaching or Lightning As a Dubious New Beauty Trend

Vaginal whitening. (Photo Credit: Pexels) If you were already done with all the weird vagina stories like that of vaginal glitter, vaginal jade eggs, we are sorry but now there’s something called vaginal bleaching also called vaginal lightening. This new trend is becoming very popular. This treatment is done to enhance the appearance of the… Read More »

'Do-It-Yourself Dentistry' becoming disturbing trend among children

Both said that their dentists and orthodontists are licensed, and if a patient has a problem or wants a follow-up, their dentists and orthodontists are always available. “It’s even challenging as a dentist to treat orthodontic cases when the patient is in your chair. To add the additional challenges of having to do remote checks… Read More »