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Google sister company X is working on monitoring depression using the brain’s electrical signals

A prototype from Project Amber of an EEG headset. Alphabet Alphabet‘s experimental research group, X, has been quietly working on an experimental project to monitor symptoms of depression. A blog post published on Monday details how a team of neuroscientists, hardware and software engineers and product experts have been working on a series of prototypes… Read More »

Why using diet oil

Our ancestors did not have their health impacted by these cheap and plentiful foods. Keep up the awesome work. I oiil not the best. Still use a little and still lose weight, but oils slow weight loss down. Because different oils offer different advantages, I use a variety oil different oils. Even the banana bread… Read More »

Teenage Girls at Risk for Self-injury Can Be Identified Using Psychological Profile, Suggests Study

Washington, September 12: High avoidance, low conscientiousness, and parent’s substance abuse history found amongst adolescents could be used to predict the first occurrence of nonsuicidal self-harm, over a three year period. The study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP). “Self-injury is common in adolescents, especially among girls.… Read More »

Why i stopped using herbalife

Why did I stop taking Herbalife shakes? It’s been 1 year and I haven’t used the products since. So there you go. Thursday I have message her asking where the products are. What the Health changed my life and my perception on food. Also check out the research on this product! All you need is… Read More »

Half of US physicians using telemedicine amid pandemic, survey finds

Dive Brief: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, close to half (48%) of all U.S. physicians are now treating patients through telemedicine, up from 18% in 2018, according to new data from Merritt Hawkins. Of the 842 physicians surveyed, 32% said they will change practice settings, leave patient care roles, temporarily shut their practices or… Read More »

How to quit smoking using wellbutrin

2012 Author: tribizmad tetracycline cancer cultured human prostate cancer, breast cancer, osteosar coma and mesothelioma cells . When I’m trying to slow down or not smoke at all – smoking is all I can think about. Friend said he was in similar situation, and didn’t have major problems quitting cold turkey. Unfortunately, I can’t really… Read More »