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COVID-19 is teaching us the value of vocation

“Suppose we did our worklike the snow, quietly, quietly,leaving nothing out.”-Wendell Berry Greetings from the hospital. It’s a ghost town around here. The roads are empty. Shops are shuttered. Churches won’t be meeting for months. Yet the medical staff parking garage is actually rather full. We trickle into the hospital, through the deafening silence. No… Read More »

How to Give Kids Gifts With Real Value

When my 9-year-old daughter asked for a sewing machine last year, my instinct was to pick up a simple one for kids. It was inexpensive. It was easy. I could check it off my list and be done. But a good friend steered me away. Her daughter had received something similar, but she hadn’t been… Read More »

Anti-smoking warnings ‘lose shock value’

Researchers want health warnings printed on each and every cigarette as the shocking, graphic images printed on packets aren’t convincing smokers to quit. A new Queensland study has recommended individual cigarettes be printed with warnings, including how many minutes of life smokers will lose as they puff. James Cook University’s Aaron Drovandi, who led the… Read More »

Why data integrity is key to achieving value in healthcare

Value is extremely hard to define when it comes to healthcare, according to University of Washington computer science professor Ankur Teredesai, co-founder and chief technology officer of Seattle-based KenSci, a company that provides a risk prediction platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Teredesai, who co-chaired this year’s Association for Computing Machinery’s KDD Conference,… Read More »

Viewpoints: Those Who Have Contracted Deadly Diseases Know The Value Of Vaccinations; ‘Medicare At 55’ Is The Politically Feasible Step We Should Be Taking

Editorials and columnists discuss health care issues. Stat: My Polio-Stricken Mother’s Advice To Parents: Immunize Your Kids I was 1 year old in 1949 when polio struck my mother. As I got older and could understand why she was in a wheelchair, she told me about her time in the hospital — more than a… Read More »