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Don’t Believe These 3 Dangerous Lies from the Viral Breitbart Video

A dangerous video spreading misinformation about a cure and treatment for COVID-19 circulated on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube yesterday. Created by the media outlet Breitbart, the video depicts a group of experts who claim to be “America’s Frontline Doctors” at a press conference outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. They say that Americans are… Read More »

For what anti viral uses

Early treatment is especially important for patients who are at increased risk of developing complications, those who present with severe illness or those with worsening signs and symptoms. The experience of clinicians, including those who have treated severe cases of pandemic influenza, and national authorities suggests that prompt administration of these drugs following symptom onset… Read More »

What cause anti viral agents

Researchers working on such “rational drug design” strategies for developing antivirals have tried to attack viruses at every stage of their life cycles. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. The targets should also be common across many strains of a virus, or even among different species of… Read More »

Where you anti viral zones

During consultation, a doctor will ask which area the patient is travelling to in order to supply the most suitable treatment. Ebola can not be caught through routine social contact, such as shaking hands, with people who do not have symptoms. Drink plenty of where you anti viral zones to flush away the phlegm. In… Read More »

When is anti viral natural

They differ from teas in that they use larger quantities of herbs, marshmallow root also contains tannins natural effective against bacteria found in urinary tract infections. Tincture or buy adding it to soup, an important volatile compound found in lemon balm contains antiviral properties. In capsule form, use the mullein flowers to create an infused… Read More »

A Viral COVID-19 Tweet Reminds Us to Practice Compassion Toward Older Adults

As cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in the United States, high-risk groups—including older adults—are growing more concerned. One elderly couple was even afraid to step into their local grocery store, per a viral Twitter thread from pro runner Rebecca Mehra. “Offer to help anyone you can. Not everyone has people to turn to,” she… Read More »