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Why does migraine cause visual disturbance

When Are Cataracts Bad Enough To Require Surgery? Men’s sunglasses: Which are best for your face shape? Risk Factors Gender: Almost 75 percent of migraineurs are women. Please see our Terms of Use. An ocular migraine may be the indication of an underlying condition and a physician should be consulted. There is no established treatment… Read More »

It’s now or never: Visual events have 100 milliseconds to hit brain target or go unnoticed

Researchers at the National Eye Institute (NEI) have defined a crucial window of time that mice need to key in on visual events. As the brain processes visual information, an evolutionarily conserved region known as the superior colliculus notifies other regions of the brain that an event has occurred. Inhibiting this brain region during a… Read More »

Vitamin Supplements for Macular Degeneration Prevent Visual Impairment

Free Website Content » Health » Health Supplements Articles Macular degeneration affects central vision, and some sufferers can no longer read books, write out checks, find phone numbers in a directory, watch television, or see the facial expressions of their loved ones. Simple tasks become impossible and frustration is common. Patients may feel alone because… Read More »