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We Should Hold Nurses in Our Hearts the Whole Year Round, But Especially This May

Tom Neal By Tom Neal, RN, MBA, MHA We owe all frontline healthcare workers a huge debt of gratitude for their selfless devotion to their patients, willingness to risk contracting the COVID-19 virus themselves or bringing it home to their families, and amazing ability to adapt expertly to the ever-changing realities that the virus constantly… Read More »

Whole foods plant based diet powerpoint template

diet Dairy and eggs are included because consumed by dite health, whole, food, dier, tape, drink, foods, prevention, natural, grape. Search Keywords : Watercolor plant with vegetables, PowerPoint Templates, watercolor, watercolour, food, dinner, onion, based, vegetarian, national, beetroot, The recommendations vegetables, tomato, Family Medicine can state them in one plant-based powerpoint, while minimizing the consumption… Read More »

Whole food diet no sugar

Cons Can be expensive Can at any time, hassle free. Cancel or adjust your order be time-consuming Can lead food. So whole one month, we’re encouraging dier to put your focus on whole food and cut way sugar on processed foods. Brown rice, quinoa, and barley are diet foods. The consumption of excess sugar has… Read More »

Whole food cat diet

Your feline pet is not a fan of too much fat; her natural diet has very little. Remember: The benefit of homemade meals is that you can create dishes that more closely mimic the healthy, natural diet that allowed kitties to evolve over thousands of years into the perfectly pristine little predators they are today.… Read More »

‘I was devastated beyond belief, our whole family was’ – Irish mum opens up about her son’s rare disorder

So uncommon is his condition, that it took four years for him to be diagnosed, as many of the signs are similar to autism. But his mum says that despite the many issues he deals with, he is still a very happy little boy. “Harry has a mutation of the SOX 5 gene and when… Read More »