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What Everybody Ought to Know About Working from Home – Advice from Darren A. Smith, CEO of Making Business Matter (MBM)

COVID19 has challenged businesses to rethink remote working, yet many have no idea how to work from home productively, manage their wellbeing, and avoid isolation. The UK had 4.2 million people that work from home, which is 13.9% of the workforce, according to the Office of National Statistics survey in 2014[1]. Social distancing means that… Read More »

If You Are Depressed Try Working Out

A recent study  on nearly 267,000 reposted that those who had the highest levels of exercise reduced the chance of developing depression by 17% overall. Another large  study reported on a population of people who were already depressed. They found that exercise training had a significant antidepressant effect. lookbetterlivelonger

Why is my klonopin not working

People may experience vivid hallucinations, become increasingly aggressive towards others, attempt suicide and why is my klonopin not working develop homicidal intentions. I was taking xanax and was afraid that I would become addicted because xanax would give me such an incredible sense of calm! I didn’t feel one step away from screaming. Even if… Read More »