Taking Advantage of Tape in Hair Extensions in NYC

By | September 24, 2018

Unquestionably, tape in hair extensions in NYC are one of the most magnificent beauty enhancements currently available. Obtaining a longer hair style is easy. Your thin and short hair days are finished at last. And, all because of tape-in hair extensions in NYC. They can be a great way to add length, volume, or fill out broken pieces of hair. Hair extensions can be addictive. Once you have them, living without them seems impossible in a good way. There are severalreasons to invest in tape-in hair extensions. Some of the reasons discussed below will get you hooked on having beautiful hair!

1. Easy Maintenance

Looking for hair extensions that are easy to maintain? If yes, tape-in hair extensions won’t disappoint you. They are one of the easiest hair extension methodsmainly due to their thin construction. More often, people forget that they are wearing them at all. Tape-in hair extensions are something you can wearfor a long time with regular maintenance. Make sure to use top-quality tape-in hair extensions that are easy to remove for maintenance. This insures no pulling and damage to your own hair.

2. Cost
Quality tape in hair extensions will cost you more than cheap ones you buy online. However, they last much longer, don’t pull your own hair, and look substantially better because of the quality of hair. Since you don’t have to replace the hair every time with maintenance, it can be more cost effective in the long run too.

3. Damage-free
Are you looking for hair extensions that offer little or no damage to your own hair? If yes, then tape-in hair extensions can be the right choice for you. They are light weight and don’t pullmost types of natural hair. Generally, these hair extensions grow with your natural hair. With tape in hair extensions, there is no hair loss, and pulling. Again, if you’re concerned about comfort, you’ll get it with tape-in hair extensions.

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4. Reusability

You can reuse tape-in hair extensions for 6-8 months. They can be customized with a specific cut and color to blend seamlessly with your own hair. At your maintenance appointment, the tape is removed and re-taped. Then, they are simply applied again. If you want to re-use the same hair, invest in quality tape-in hair extensions. If you go with low quality ones, they won’t hold up and can’t be reused.

5. Simple to attach

Not everyone wants to spend their whole day in the salon getting hair extensions. With tape in hair extensions, you won’t need to do that. They are easy to attach and only take 1-2 hours. It’s a lot faster than other hair extensions out there. In addition, they can stay in place for 6-9 weeks. If they are placed well and cared for properly, you won’t need to return to the salon in between.

6. Natural beauty

When you choose tape in hair extensions, you will have natural looking hair that feels gorgeous. The main thing that you don’t want when you wear extensions is for everyone to know that you’re wearing them. But tape-in hair extensions will blend with your natural hair perfectly as long as you have a perfect color match and cut.
In addition, the tape lies flat against your scalp. This means, no one will see or feel them. Sounds great!

7. Comfortable to wear

The last thing you need when you wear hair extensions is to feel them pulling on your natural hair. But with tape in hair extensions, you’ll forget that you are wearing them. They are quite comfortable to wear, which means you will have luscious hair all the time without any hassle.

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Final consideration –

At your consultation, you should consider tape in hair extensions in NYC. They are one of the best hair extension methods on the market. This is why celebrities and fashion icons are opting for them. They are easy to apply, maintain and you don’t feel them.

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