The Best Probiotics to Buy on Amazon

By | July 12, 2019

Browse through this list of top-recommended probiotic supplements available on Amazon. There’s one for every need.

What are probiotics?

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Many health crazes come and go, but one that’s sure to stay for quite some time is probiotics, aka the good-for-you bacteria that lives in your gut and is also found naturally in fermented food as well as supplements. “We are just scratching the surface understanding all of the ways that probiotics benefit our health, but some of the big ones include for weight maintenance, digestive health, allergies, mental health, and immunity,” explains Abbey Sharp, RD, founder of Abbey’s Kitchen. When choosing a probiotic, she recommends looking for one that contains multiple strains of bacteria, since each type of bacteria has unique functions. Here’s why it’s time to get the facts straight about probiotics.

Best for improving digestion


For improved digestion, Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, New York City-based registered dietitian, recommends Life Extension FLORASSIST® GI with Phage Technology, a unique probiotic that’s been shown to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and promote the growth of the good bacteria. “Specifically, Florassist GI combines 15 billion CFU (colony forming units) of potent probiotics with innovative bacteriophage technology,” she says. “Bacteriophages, also known as ‘bacteria eaters are designed to attach to a unique strain of unwanted bacteria in the intestines and leave the ‘good’ ones alone, creating a healthy and balanced microbiome.” To keep your gut as healthy as possible, you’ll also want to avoid these foods are bad for your digestive system.

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Best for mixing into food


Nature’s Sunshine Probiotic Eleven probiotic supplement contains 11 probiotic strains that deliver a whopping 18 billion good bacteria and offers a complete support of the gut biome. It also includes prebiotics, which helps improve the balance of microorganisms living in your gut. Miriam Amselem, holistic nutritionist, fitness trainer, and yoga instructor, who’s been using the probiotic supplement for 11 years, likes to open the capsule and mix the powder in water or a smoothie, which makes for a convenient way to give probiotics to children. These are the probiotic brands nutritionists trust most.

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