The Fountain of Youth

By | September 23, 2018

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By: Andy Casasanta

Aging, a steady decline:
The History of the world is filled with stories of individuals trying to find eternal youth. Wealthy people going to private centers for magic elixirs. Many individuals taking megadoses of certain vitamins, drink green tea, use coenzyme Q10 etc, hoping to find the “fountain of youth”. Lets take a closer look and see what happens to our bodies as we age.

Time, our worst enemy:
Growth Hormone declines steadily at the age of 31 and at the rate of 14% per decade. Along with aging, we become vulnerable to diseases. Our ability to fight illness declines, the body’s ability to metabolize sugar, handle cholesterol, and clear the kidneys of toxins, becomes more and more difficult. Ultimately, the slow deadly disease of aging creeps in.

As a person ages, hormone levels fall. Decreasing levels of certain hormones shows symptoms such as:

  • gray hair
  • wrinkly skin
  • reduced skin thickness
  • forgetfulness
  • low sex drive
  • weight gain
  • bone or joint problems
  • immune system weakens
  • decreased muscle strength

These symptoms can be the possible result of, reduced Human Growth Hormone. Until age 21, Human Growth Hormone is abundant in the body being solely responsible for muscle building, bone growth, skin elasticity, increased energy, lean body mass, and sexual vigor.

Graying Hair
Gray hair is caused by the slowing production of melanin over time within the hair follicles. When this happens, the hair follicles produce less and less melanin, and the result is a loss of hair, color and strength.

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The Skin
Hormonal breakdown and free radicals is the major contributor of skin aging because of the reduction of the body’s Hormone production or lack of. Hormones such as Human Growth Hormone and testosterone are only produced in noticeable quantities up to the age of 20. These Hormones are responsible for physical fitness, regeneration and the immune system. Due to a declining Hormone level, the breakdown of organs, tissues and cells begins.

Another factor are free radicals. These are parts of molecules that are found in the Human Body. As a result of external factors such as ultraviolet light (too much sun), smoking or unhealthy eating habits, under these circumstances free radicals are inclined to react. Meaning that they are in search of other chemical substances to bond themselves with. Ultimately, the breakdown of the skin begins. The body protects itself against these aggressors with naturally occurring anti-oxidant’s. Until you reach the age of twenty and onwards, this natural defense mechanism slowly declines, until eventually the skin can no longer defend itself.

What can be done about aging?
Well,about your actual age nothing, but could a healthier lifestyle, proper diet, or maybe vitamin and supplement intake, would that help turn back the aging clock? Is there something out there that could:

  • Alleviate menopausal and premenstrual symptoms
  • Reduce body fat
  • Restore gray hair
  • Increase energy
  • Increase sex drive enhancement in both men and women
  • Restore the function of organs and glands
  • Improve memory
  • Improve vision
  • Enhance one’s spirits
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Enhance the immune system
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