The Top 10 Celebrities You'll Want to Influence Your Style! By Alisha Long

By | September 18, 2018

Celebrities are known for more than just their talents or social status nowadays. They’re known for their relationships, their lifestyle, and most of all their fashion. Celebrities have been gracing the covers and pages of fashion magazines for a while now. So much so that it is almost expected to see an actor, singer, or influencer on the cover of a fashion magazine before you see a model.

Why is that?

Celebrities are the new brand ambassadors it seems. We look to our celebrities for their makeup, hair, fashion, and style advice because they are first in line when it comes to the new trends. Fashion houses want to dress them and we want to see the next hot trend to grace the red carpet. There are a few classic style icons we look to for inspiration, but there are a few that have been making best-dressed lists consistently. So, who are these style icons and what is it that has the fashion world going crazy over these celebs?

1. Rihanna – The rebel with a cause

Secretly everyone wants to have a little Rihanna in them. She says what she wants. She does what she wants. And best of all, she wears what she wants! Her spicy and unpredictable style lands her on the pages of all of the top fashion mags. She was recently praised for wearing the ruffle trend to the Oceans 8 premiere. And let’s just say, she killed it!

2. Victoria Beckham – She’s posh, literally

She may not be Spice Girl anymore, but being posh seems to have followed her. She manages to turn any and every look into a fashion statement. She has even made headlines for making flats look good. And ladies, we all know that is a hard thing to do!

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3. Priyanka Chopra – The Classic beauty

Priyanka is the quintessential queen of effortless elegance. It’s almost as if she floats through a room. People have been going gaga over her natural beauty and choice in fashion. She does more than wear these pieces, she makes them her own!

4. Zendaya – The Chic Trendsetter

Known for her fashion-forward style, Zendaya is riding the fashion train and shows no signs of slowing down. Red carpet to street style, her looks are trendy and seem to push the envelope just enough. Her courageous choices may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, neither is having a bold taste!

5. Ryan Reynolds – The Classic Man

He is not your typical dad, and I am almost certain you will never catch him in those “athletic dad tennis shoes”… ever. His style has landed him in the spotlight on many occasions and it has always been good! His street style and red carpet style screams sophisticated and suave. If you take one piece of inspiration from him, let it be that dads can be cool too. And maybe one more… if you’re going to layer pieces, let each one of them have their shine!

6. ASAP Rocky – The guy who makes his Own Rules

This young man is known for marching to the beat of his own drum and this year that drum took him straight to the top of the best-dressed lists for 2018! He stays ahead of the fashion curve. It’s not unusual to spot him sitting front row at the biggest men’s designers fashion shows. He has a real gift for transforming runway to his very own street style, and we are all taking notice!

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7. Donald Glover – The Inspired Man

Not only is he an amazing actor, he is making best-dressed lists for his funk-inspired looks! He stands out from the crowd in the best way possible and leaves us wondering what he will wear next. One thing that can be said about his style is that he never disappoints and we will always see his style come through no matter what the occasion.

8. Bella Hadid – The Timeless Beauty

Everything about Bella Hadid screams high fashion. She could be in jeans and a t-shirt and somehow make it look like she just stepped off of the runway. She has made a headline for her exotic beauty, but we can’t seem to ignore her style. Sometimes it’s vintage and sometimes it’s modern, but whenever we see her, we know she’s going to blow our minds.

9. Andrew Garfield – The New James Bond

He’s not a kid anymore. And his style reflects that. Andrew, or Mr. Garfield, has not only jumped onto the best-dressed list for this year. He jumped to the top of the list! He gives the essence of a young James Bond. His cool demeanor translates to his style, and I would highly recommend taking a look at his latest ensembles. Not only is his casual style interesting but his red carpet style is to die for!

10. Meghan Markle – The American Royal

She may be a Duchess, but she is the queen of making classic and modest look chic and modern. Now that she has assumed the Royal Highness status, it seems we see her everywhere. No matter where you see her, Meghan always looks so stunning. How do I know this? Simple. Check every magazine on the planet!

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