The Top 5 Things A Woman Needs for Optimal Health, According to a Nutritionist

By | June 3, 2021

What is something that you do every day to ensure that you are promoting your overall health and wellness? It’s been a difficult year for everyone but especially because we have dealt with stress, burdens, and major changes that Covid-19 has caused. It’s now more important than ever to take care of yourself. We encourage everyone to make the healthiest and best choices for themselves, no matter what stage of life they may be in.

We asked Dr. Vikki Petersen, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner for her advice, and she had the following to say. “Women’s bodies are very special. Unique is our ability to procreate and “build a baby body from scratch, while also producing milk to sustain its growth and health. Young women, in their lifestyle and diet choices, are creating a future of hormonal balance or imbalance for the rest of their lives. Menopausal women require hormonal balance for bone health, heart health, and brain health for the rest of their lives. Yet as women, we often put ourselves last after partners, children, parents, and friends, much to the detriment of our physical and mental well-being”.

We asked Dr. Petersen what her top tips are for optimal women’s health. Keep reading for more!

The Top 5 Things A Woman Needs for Optimal Health, According to a Nutritionist

1) Get sleep

Not skimping on sleep is critical for repair, hormonal balance (including cortisol), and anti-aging. It’s also crucial for the body to be able to heal and keep the immune system strong. Strive to get your optimal amount of sleep every single night.

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2) Stay hydrated

The importance of 8 glasses of purified water per day cannot be overstated. Water removes toxins, maintains gut health, promotes hormonal balance, helps revitalize skin and so much more. Drinking enough water even helps regulate appetite. It’s one of the most important things you can do to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

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3) Exercise

40 minutes per day at moderate intensity, for at least 5 days per week, will keep hormones balanced, muscles strong, mood balanced, and help your brain function optimally. Exercise is an important aspect of both mental health and physical health; so find something you love and do it consistently. This is one of our favorite things to do for optimal health.

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4) Avoid junk food

Ditch the refined sugar, fast food, and processed foods, while embracing fresh produce (7 servings of vegetables and fruit), beans, seeds, nuts, and wild-caught fish. Eating less refined sugar will also help you crave more healthy foods, making this a win-win for cultivating a healthy diet.

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5) Practice self-care every day

Grant yourself some “me time” each and every day. An hour would be great, but even 30 minutes dedicated to something that makes you happy and relaxed is great. Self-care helps reduce stress and improves mood; something we all need a little more of right now.

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