The vast majority of studies have been done on longjing tea

By | October 2, 2018

Polyphenols have blocked lipid peroxidation, scavenging enzymes. According to the Japanese Okuda Billiton Yong test results confirmed that anti-aging effects of tea polyphenols stronger than vitamin E, 18 times. The vast majority of studies have been done on longjing tea.

Inhibition of cardiovascular disease:

Polyphenols contribute to the suppression of cardiovascular disease on the human body has an important role in fat metabolism. The body’s cholesterol, triglyceride and other content, fat deposition in vascular walls, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation after the formation of atheroma plaques and other cardiovascular diseases. however, some studies have been made of the other types of Dragon Well tea derived from Camellia sinensis, such as white, oolong, and black tea. Powdered Dragon Well tea

There are some pharmacological effects. Pharmacological effects of tea with the main component of tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine and so on. Specific role are: longjing tea does not deal with the effects of other plant-based infusions referred to as teas.Qinba fog cents; civilized Longding; Lushan cloud; security of pine needles; day cast snow bud; Ziyang Tippy; country green peony ; Tea Product; Takahashi Silver Peak; Yunfeng and Pan cents; Chinese mercury shuttle; Yunnan Pekoe; Lawrence Mao Feng; Jiuhua Shan Mao Feng; five meters covered mountain tea; Jinggang green; Shaofeng; ancient tea workers; Shu City orchids; state Pik; Bush Rock; China top the clouds; Nanshan white hair bud; Tianzhu sword cents; Wong Chuk Pekoe; Magu tea; car Yunshan Tippy; Guilin Tippy; Jiande bud tea; Rui Huang Bo State tea; Shuangqiao Tippy; qintang Tippy; Lake Yin Hao; Jianghua Tippy; dragon dance tea; Green Turtle Rock; Wuxi cents tea; Guidong exquisite tea; day green roof project; new river down tea; Goldwater Verde; golden altar Buxus; Guzhang Tippy; Shuangjing green; week blacksmith tea; Wenjun green; before the peak snow lotus; lions sprout; Wild Goose Maofeng; Kowloon tea; Emei Shan Mao Feng; Nanshan Shoumei; Xiangbo green; drying green; green rock; Mongolia Ganlu; Seocho Quebec; west round tea; Putuo Buddha tea

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Contribute to aging, polyphenols with strong antioxidant activity and physical activity, the body’s free radical scavenger. According to the authorities of that 1 mg of tea polyphenols on human body remove excess free radicals harmful to the performance equivalent to 9 mg of superoxide dismutase (SOD), significantly higher than other similar substances. The health effects of Dragon Well tea have been examined ever since the first infusions  about 4700 years ago in China.

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