This Might Be How Kate Middleton Manages to Wear High Heels All Day Long

By | August 19, 2019

We’re officially stealing this trick.

Every time Kate Middleton steps in public, we start drooling her fashion choices (like these 19 times she channeled Princess Diana’s style). But among her signature hats and polished dresses, what we really envy are her high heels. Or specifically, how she can wear them with no sign of pain.

You’re probably curious to know how the Duchess of Cambridge manages to wrangle her kids, maneuver in grass, and do basically everything else while wearing stilettos. With all the meeting and greeting a royal needs to do, she’s in high heels a good deal of the time. (You can learn the trick Kate Middleton uses to repeat outfits for those events, too.) Lucky for you, we did some digging and found her secret.

A source revealed to Vanity Fair in 2015 that Kate is a big fan of Alice Bow insoles. The paddings are made of Italian leather and slip into a pair of heels. Designer Rachel Bowman created them to cushion the foot and heel while you walk—and apparently, the Duchess thinks they live up to their hype. “Kate has ordered a couple of packets, she thinks they are great,” the source revealed. We wonder if she wore them with her second wedding dress.

The company hasn’t confirmed or denied whether they have a royal customer, but given Kate’s history of selling out items that get her seal of approval, might as well snag the insoles while you still can! The only catch: They cost $ 20 a pair. For a more budget-friendly option, these high-heel insoles are just as comfy—and are more than half the price!

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