Why are epsom salts bad for diabetics

By | April 18, 2020

why are epsom salts bad for diabetics

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Epsom salt and diabetes. This is especially important if the common complication of foot problems that diabetes can cause. My opinion: I have zero. For example, ursodeoxycholic acid may. The most important reason is foot or neuropathy issues due to diabetes, but I have an inflammatory arthritis that causes.

One common complication of diabetes is foot problems. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can lead to nerve damage and poor blood flow which can result in serious foot problems. Nerve damage can cause tingling, painful burning, or stinging of the feet. It is important that people with diabetes take good care of their feet and are gentle with them. The tools and products that people use on their feet can significantly affect the overall health of their feet. This is especially true if they have nerve damage or the blood flow to their feet is greatly reduced.

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