Why Are You Paying So Much For Your Medications?

By | March 28, 2019

When you went to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription for a basic generic drug that you have been using for years, did you get sticker shock. Did you wonder why it suddenly costs two or even three times as much? If this has not happened to you consider yourself fortunate because it is happening to many of us.


Why the sudden increase. The answer is twofold, Supply and demand and greed. For example Vitrus Pharmaceuticals manufactures a muscle relaxant that has been in short supply. It is methocarbinol. Recently they raised the price for a bottle from $ 8.49 to $ 106. This is an increase of more than one thousand percent. We think that this is outrageous. Of the more than 120 drugs listed by the FDA as currently in shortage about one third had price increases after the shortage started.


What recourse do you have? Talk to your doctor about the cost issue. Possibly there is an alternative medication that would not be as expensive. If there is not a good alternative contact the manufacturer. Some times they have discount vouchers for patients who can not afford the medication.




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