Why The Davinci Iq Vaporizer Is Not Just Another Vaporizer

By | September 22, 2018

The davinci iq vaporizer is the newest release in to the market by DaVinci. This smart dry herb vaporizer features unique Led interface and a host of other highly innovative features. According to some users in their davinci iq vaporizer review, this unit is among the smartest dry herb high-end vaporizers in the market at the moment.
A highly customizable unit:

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most highly customizable vaporizers on the planet. It introduces brand new design which features replaceable 18650 battery, zirconia ceramic bowl and the patented Smart Path™ technology. This vaporizer has unique mouthpiece which elevates the richness and purity of dry herb flavor to new heights. The zirconia air path made of 100% pure ceramic and materials of highest quality, the users can easily pull out high quality, rich and thick vapor with minimal resistance to the draw. In addition to this, the mouthpiece made of ceramic zirconia is very durable and cleaning and maintaining it is very easy.

Other notable features:

Still contemplating on whether to make davinci iq buy? You need to note that this vaporizer is very small and has compact design. Its matte finish and dark charcoal is quite appealing and pleasing to the eyes and the zirconia elements create ultra-smooth and futuristic sensation. As the user, you will truly feel that you are using highly luxurious gadget when you vape with the DaVinci IQ. Any davinci iq vaporizer review will tell you that this vape is designed to satisfy your user experience in terms of luxury and efficiency. It not only looks great when you place it on the desk in between the users but it will definitely impress all your lucky guests.

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What is in the box?

If you have been anxiously waiting for the davinci iq release date to order your unit, then you may wonder what’s in the packaging. Well this vaporizer is shipped in elegant, small box. Its packaging is highly luxurious and represents the high quality of the vape it holds. Unboxing the IQ package makes you feel as though you are unpacking rare jewel just the way you truly are. In the box is the davinci iq vaporizer, instruction manual, a flat zirconia mouthpiece and an extended one, and an instruction manual. Some users prefer the extended mouthpiece over the flat since it keeps cooler the vape.

The accessories:

Important accessories in the davinci iq package box include cleaning brush, chamber tool, cleaning wipes, micro USB charging handle, carry can keychain (for carrying the dry herb), and an additional tiny scraping mechanism within protective insert. The carry can, according to users, is an adorable way of lugging around a nug. The scraping tool which is enveloped in the attached protective rubber casing adds more convenient components to the already amazing vaping experience.

By: Robert William

The davinci iq vaporizer has attention-grabbing, unique design. Although it is small, it weighs 145 grams due to its compact and sleek design. It is very durable and very solid. You can easily hold and cover it with your palm of the hand. Its finish is quite pleasing to touch thanks to its zirconia elements.

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