Women starting to catch on to Tinder’s most notorious ‘Lothario’

By | February 14, 2020

It seems every straight woman in New York who has ever used Tinder knows Alex Hammerli.

The 27-year-old, who lives in Jersey City, is something of an urban legend, in part due to his penchant for stylish clothes and the fancy granite counter top he routinely leans against in his trademark pose.

But there’s another reason for his notoriety: His profile pops up on the trendy dating app more often than a masochistic mammal inside a Whac-A-Mole.

No matter how many times users swipe left to indicate they’re not interested, the eager bachelor, who works in digital marketing, keeps appearing on smartphones a couple weeks later in the same IKEA kitchen, albeit dressed in a different designer suit or cashmere coat.

Hammerli’s persistence has quite possibly made him Tinder’s most notorious repeat user, employing a loophole in the dating app to help him appear more frequently, thereby boosting his odds. He does this by deleting the app and reinstalling it, over and over again.

“You appear near the top when you’re new,” he tells The Post. “But the more left swipes you get, the further down the stack you go.”

Tinder didn’t respond to The Post’s emails about Hammerli’s account and the rules on resetting profiles.

Alex Hammerli
Alex Hammerli’s signature pose.Alex Hammerli

But for Hammerli, who boasts that he has bedded 100 women through Tinder since signing up in 2014, the method is working swimmingly.

“There are no mixed messages as to what I’m looking for,” he says, adding that he almost always gets “straight to the point” with sex after he meets the women who match with him.

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His Tinder bio, like the man himself, pulls no punches. Next to a vomiting face emoji, he states a ban on tourists and women from Staten Island. Despite his specifications, he claims to have enormous success with the ladies. He insists that he’s, shall we say, well-endowed, as in “longer than an iPhone 11 Pro Max.” The bespectacled Lothario also maintains that he usually “goes around four to five rounds” per night.

Before he even gets to the bedroom, his first step is to get as many women as possible to swipe right. And it’s all down to those intriguing kitchen counter profile pictures, which, he says, are all snapped by a patient neighbor.

“I knew I could easily do the perfect profile that appeals to the basic girl demographic,” Hammerli says.

Women, however, are starting to catch on to his wily ways. This week, he was the subject of an Atlantic story on Tinder’s repeat offenders, in which writer Kaitlyn Tiffany (who has so far resisted Hammerli’s charm) describes his “Mona Lisa”-like face as “stoic, content, smirking.” And last month, he was incorporated into the act of comedian Lane Moore, who hosts an interactive stage show, Tinder Live. In the show, the audience votes on which profiles she swipes right on. During one performance, Hammerli came up. Tweeting after the show, Moore wrote, “No joke, 10+ women in the audience had dated/matched with him, and they all stood up one by one like it was a support group.”

The singleton is unapologetic about the somewhat ruthless way he might come across. Anything is better than a life of divorce-prone monogamy in “somewhere like Iowa, where people marry the [boyfriends or girlfriends] they meet in high school.”

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“Being cynical,” he says, “is what’s needed if you live in New York.”

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