Women Underrepresented in Academic Hospital Medicine Program Leadership, Study Shows – Inside Higher Ed

By | June 26, 2020

A new study from Johns Hopkins University researchers looking at gender gaps in the hospital medicine field revealed that more than three-quarters of academic hospital medicine programs are run by men.

Hospitalists are “trained in internal medicine and focus their work on hospitalized patients rather than outpatient settings,” a press release said. The field has only existed for about 20 years, leading some to believe that gender disparities may be less present than in other, older medical specialties.

Programs are likely to have equal numbers of male and female faculty members, but 37 percent of male hospitalist leaders were full professors, while no female hospitalist leaders held that rank, the study shows.

The study surveyed 135 hospital medicine programs, and 80 responded. Responding programs were similar to nonresponding programs in terms of funding, region, age and type of institution.

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