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Women often eat fish is benefit to the health


People often said eat more fish can become more smart , but that argument is well founded, as a female friend who eat fish more will have unexpected effects.


Published in the American Heart Association, “Cycle” magazine study showed that a good way of eating fish would help women live longer, reduce heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and stroke risk.


Harvard School of Public Health and the German Institute of Human Nutrition scientists on 72 000 women aged 30-55 had a period of 18 years of follow-up survey. Beginning of the study, these women do not have any health problems. Every two years the researchers who conducted a dietary survey. The results showed that the two meals on these women’s health and life the most. A model for the “prudent diet”, including vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grain food and a small amount of fish and eggs. Another for the “Western diet”, including red meat or processed meat, refined grains, sweets and so on. 6011 people died during the study period, of which, with the use of the second diet than people with the first diet of female heart disease 28% lower risk of death, cancer, diabetes and stroke 17% lower risk of death.


American Heart Association says that eating a particular impact on women’s life, to live longer, should eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and high fiber foods, choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products, eating fish twice a week.

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Protein-rich fish can help child care, growth and development of children and young people, sick or when the physical wounds, but also can help recovery and healing. And fish protein, muscle fiber structure was short, connective tissue is relatively small, so meat tastes tender and delicate than other meat, but also easier to digest, very suitable for young children and old people eat. Fish contains less fat than meat, so less heat than meat.


Medical research found that the Eskimos low rate of cardiovascular disease, the original is because a large number of their diet rich in DHA EPA and sea fish; in Japan survey also found that the coastal fishing village, the residents suffer from cardiovascular disease lower proportion of farmers than the Mainland. EPA and DHA in fish of these two particular ω-3 series fatty acids, can reduce blood lipids, particularly triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), and less likely to cause platelet aggregation, and the prevention of thrombosis induced cardiovascular disease and stroke effect, can protect the heart.






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