Wondering What the Perfect Vagina Looks Like? Hint: It Doesn’t Exist

By | July 28, 2021

We’ll say it once, and we’ll say it again. Normalize every kind of vagina. No two are alike! We’ve got a newsflash you for, the perfect vagina does not exist and it never will. Regardless of what you see in erotica, sexual films, magazines, or anywhere. Unless you are in pain, feel like something different is going on with your discharge, there is no reason you should feel like your vagina isn’t normal. The perfect vagina is healthy and is worn with confidence. We did some more research on what professionals say the vagina should function like and what to watch out for. Keep reading for more!

perfect vagina
Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

Why There Is No One Such Thing As a Perfect Vagina

The vagina should have its functioning parts, regardless of what they look like. This includes the outer labia majora (lips), inner labia minora (lips), the clitoris (clit), clitoral hood, opening to the urethra, and opening to the vagina, according to MBG. Getting to know what these parts of the vagina look like will help you watch out for any sort of infection. If you are uncomfortable with this, it’s important to visit your OBGYN at least once a year for a year and preventative check-up.

The reason why we put these standards on our own bodies actually has a lot to do with social media, porn, and how accessible these things are too young people and ourselves. There are standards put on our bodies when there really should not be at all. Many are getting procedures to fit these standards too. On top of all of this, many are mimicking the sexual behavior seen on these sites. What happens is vaginal insecurity, and this is not fair to all people with this body part who are made to feel like they are less than. We’re all for promoting a positive self-body image, and this education should definitely be a part of it.

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