YouTuber Kristen Hancher Recreated Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pics and They’re Truly Identical

By | July 8, 2019
  • YouTuber Kristen Hancher just recreated some of Kylie Jenner’s most recent Instagram posts, and they look actually identical.
  • Kristen says she gets “a lot of comments saying I look like Kylie Jenner,” which is why she decided to recreate her pics.

    You know what the world desperately needs? Even more Kylie Jenner content. Maybe. Or not! Either way, YouTuber Kristen Hancher just delivered thanks to the fact that she decided to recreate some of Kylie’s most recent Instagram pics. And guys. It’s legit alarming how similar they look. Like, I truly thought Kylie was recreating Kylie.

    But before we get to the twinning side-by-sides, you should know that Kristen normally looks like this:

    And depending on her beauty look and wig situation, she does sometimes have a similar vibe to Kylie. For example, this whole mood:

    Also, reminder that Kylie looks like this (just in case her face isn’t permanently etched into your brain):

    Clearly they already look low-key alike, but again: Kristen leaned even harder into her own personal Kylie vibes by copying several of the reality star’s Instagram pics. The result? THIS INSANITY:

    Like…okay Kristen!

    BTW, if you’re unfamiliar with this social media star, she has a pretty huge YouTube, Instagram and TikTok following—and is a dancer and gymnast. She also happens to be dating fellow YouTuber Austin Hare, who she describes as the “love of my life.”

    Apparently, Kristen is coming out with an entire video of her recreation (which we’ll drop here when it blesses us with its presence). But for now….

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